Production and Creative Expression

A simple, yet fully featured online drawing pad
Make drawings, cards, & create pictures
Virtual sketchpad (can be linked to a Wii remote)
A fun tool for creating abstract art
Create a portrait
Create an original Jackson Pollock
Simple drawing/stamp tool with moveable backgrounds
New York Zoo - Build Your Wild Self tool (students create
portraits using human & animal body parts)
K-5 games - pumpkin carving, make a robot, design a car
3D snowflake maker
Scribbler - animated doodling tool
Educational, interactive portrait design tool
Create a lite brite masterpiece with this simple tool
Design word art using text from websites, speeches,
student papers, etc...
Convert photos to cartoons
Art lesson plans & a museum for students to showcase their artwork
Draw a stickman and it comes to life - interactive animated story
The Artist's Toolkit: Visual Elements & Principles

Aesthetics, Valuing, and Perspectives of Art

Virtually visit 13 famous art museums using Google Map's zoom features
Art Games & Exhibits from Albright Knox Art Gallery
National Gallery of Art Kids Zone - make landscape paintings, portraits, and more!
The Art Institute of Chicago - games, stories, play with art
Tate Art Lab - play art detective, learn about different art elements, make street art
Interactive animation that allows kids to explore the Museum of Modern Art
Smithsonian Institution's "Meet me at Midnight" museum adventure

More Resources

A variety of online drawing tools (sketchpads)
Art activities, art projects & games
100 free, essential web tools for digital artists
25 free online resources for art students