Production and Creative Expression

Online poster webpage - collaborative expression
A tool that allows students to design creative websites/online portfolios
Suite of creative tools - make movies, edit audio, design cartoons
A simple, yet fully featured online drawing pad
Design a comic book
Learn the skills of a professional architect & design a house for a client
Scribbler - animated doodling tool
Create graffiti word art
A fully featured portrait drawing tool
Design word art using text from websites, speeches & students' papers
A fully featured online painting tool
Color in Motion: Interactive animated website
Art lesson plans and a museum for students to showcase their artwork online
Free logo maker (just type in the name of the company/product)

Aesthetics, Valuing, and Perspectives of Art

Virtually visit 13 of the world's most famous museums using Google Map's zoom features
Create and interpret a Jackson Pollock
Create a portrait and learn about cubism
Create a kaleidoscope - watch how it looks when you rotate it
Getty Museum art tools and games

Historical and Cultural Context

A collection of educational videos
A free and open Art History textbook

Photo & Graphic Design Tools

Free online image editing tool
Find free online images
Professional image editing tool
Free photoshop-like image editing & graphic design tool
Add photo effects & frame pictures
Convert photos to cartoons
Find images through this creative commons search tool

More Resources

A variety of online drawing tools (sketchpads)
Art activities, art projects & games
100 free, essential web tools for digital artists
25 free online resources for art students