Classroom websites are a great way to connect with students through technology. Whether you build a blog, create a wiki, or design a Google Site, all of the tools below are user-friendly, easy, and quick for designing websites. You'll be up and running with a class website in no time. Here are examples of other teacher's websites to give you an idea of what you can accomplish:

Design Your Own Website

Step-by-step instructions for building a classroom website using Google Sites

Technology Integration: Web Design Tutorial

Interested in learning HTML programming?
Check out the Complete Beginner's Guide to Making a Website

Free Website Tools

Google Sites
Google Sites Getting Started Guide
Create a website/blog
Website builder
Website builder
Website builder
Blog & website builder
10 website building tools for teachers


Build your own blog for free
Blog website (different pricing options)
Blog website for teachers and students
Guide to setting up a blog
Blogs in Plain English (Common Craft video)
This tool converts your blog into a pdf book to print/email/share
Blog Post: Learning about blogs for your students: Part II (Writing)
30 incredible blogs written by kids
Search class blogs or create your own


Free wikis for K-12 teachers
Basic workspace free (pricing options for more advanced websites)
Basics of creating and editing a wiki in wikispaces
Wikis in Plain English (Common Craft video)
Quick and easy tutorial for creating a wiki on

Learning Management Systems
Moodle - Open Source course management system
Tool for teaching online
Create your own online course
Create a classroom
A learning management system and social networking website
Social networking course tool - discussions, community, grading, calendar & more
A "Facebook" for teachers and students - create courses, build a library, etc...

Photos for Your Website

Free online image editing tool
Find free online images
Professional image editing tool
Free photoshop-like image editing & graphic design tool
Add photo effects & frame pictures
Find images through this creative commons search tool
List of Copyright Free Images to Use

Google Translate Widget

Use Google Translate to make your site more accessible to parents and families that speak languages other than English: