How to Create a Classroom Website

Using Google Sites

  1. Create a Google Account
  2. Go to Google Sites and click the button, "Create a new site"
  3. Choose a template to use (For a class website, I recommend "Blank template" or "Classroom site")
    1. The classroom site already has the main pages created with fake info. I prefer the blank template.
  4. Name your site (Important: Easy to remember) and choose a theme (nothing too flashy to distract from the content)
  5. For overall maintenance of the website: On the top right of the screen, click "More actions" then "Manage site" OR click 'g' then 'm' (hot keys). On the left toolbar under Site settings, click General.
    Toolbar (2 Rows)
  6. Editing a Page: On the top right, click "Edit page." Make changes and make sure to save the changes: "Save page."
    1. Look for the word, Home. That is the page's name. Make it short and simple. Ex: Announcements, Literacy, etc.
    2. Look at the toolbar: Insert, Format, Table and Layout
    3. Insert: Use it to insert an image, line, or something advanced like a Google map or application.
    4. Format: Use it edit your text, though you probably won't need it. Use the buttons right below the toolbar.
    5. Table : Insert a table or make simple edits.
    6. Layout: Change the layout of the page to fit the page. I like "Two column" and "Three column."
  7. Tools Toolbar: Change the font, size, color, style, and highlighting. Add a hyperlink. Creating numbering or bulleting. Format the orientation (left, center, right).
  8. Sidebar (on the left): This is your link road map, how to organize your webpages.
    1. Click edit sidebar to edit the side bar.
    2. Header: Add a logo to the header or change its height.
    3. Customize: Under Navigation, click edit. Change its name. (Optional) Check "Display title. "Automatically organize my navigation" puts new webpages automatically in the sidebar. Click "Add page" and use the arrows on the right to order the webpages. Click "Save Changes" to save your work - it will say "Your changes have been saved." outlined in orange. On the top left, click "<< Return to site" to get back to your website.
    4. Click "+ Add a sidebar item" to add another Navigation box. I have Grade, Subjects, and About Me (3 Navigation boxes). Also interesting is "Countdown" (instead of Navigation) to countdown to a specific date.
Left Picture:: Side Bar (# 8, above)

Right Picture: (# 1, below) Top right of the page
(Create page, Edit page)
"More actions" is a main control panel.
  1. Creating a Page: On the top right, click "Create page." Select a template to use: Web Page, Announcements, File Cabinet, and List. Web Page: A regular webpage. Announcements: Blog post. File Cabinet: A storage for files. List: A webpage focused on making a list. Name it. You can change it anytime later by changing the page's name. Top level is a regular webpage. "Put page under..." is useful to put things in a category, ex: Subjects -> Math

  • If you don't like your website and want to start over, you can delete it: To delete your site: On the top right of the screen, click "More actions" then "Manage site" OR click 'g' then 'm' (hot keys). On the left toolbar under Site settings, click General. Scroll to the bottom and click Delete this Site.
  • Google Website Support:


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