Table of Contents

Generic Tools

Multiple users can write/edit the same document (no login needed)
7 ways to publish documents online (create your own classroom magazine)
Free grammar, spellcheck, online proofreading, plagiarism check
Tips and tools for preventing plagiarism
Google Lit Trips for Middle Grades (using Google Earth) recommended.jpg
An excellent reading/writing tool with interactive games for students
Ways to respond to literature using podcasts, blogs, and NY Times Model
Learning English through film (full lesson plans and videos)
An online personal learning community for English teachers

Tools By Standard

Vocabulary Development
-A dictionary with videos
-Online graphical dictionary and thesaurus
-Fun vocab word game (figure out the word from the definition)
-Visually explore vocabulary from a selection of text
-Vocab quiz game with a good cause
-Test word knowledge, build vocabulary through fun games and challenges
Literary Text (understanding,
connections, style &
-A collection of free audio books
-Interactive website telling a story about a dolphin w/o a tail
-A large collection of mp3 audio books (with pdf text)
-Full length movies (Animal Farm and 1984)
-Free Science Fiction books (Orson Welles, C.S. Lewis)
-Reading comprehension lesson plans and units
-What-If Questions to get students writing
-Provides creative ideas and writer prompts
-Helps students through the writing cycle
-Give students one-word and 60 seconds to write about it
-Random writing prompt generator
-Write an email to your future self
-Portada in English: reading and writing assignments, text, widgets, etc...
-Web-based learning platform that helps students improve their grammar and writing skills
-A corkboard with post-it notes - great for brainstorming/discussions
-A virtual bulletin board - post notes, images, documents, and more
Oral presentation
-100 free online digital storytelling tools
Argument and Persuasive Text

-Purdue Owl Writing Lab (Research & Citation)
-A search tool for students
-A tool that simplifies APA/MLA citations for students
-5 Alternatives to Traditional Book Reports
-7 web-based tools for creating video stories
-Daily news stories provided at different reading levels