Kid-Friendly Search Engines

Website (iPhone 4's SIRI - see below)

Collaborative Tools
Web meeting & document sharing tool
Online bulletin board - post images, documents, notes & to-do lists
Virtual online whiteboard for collaboration
Multiple users can write/edit the same document (no login needed)
Collaborate with multiple users on documents, spreadsheets, and powerpoints
Web-based sticky notes for schools
Using Google Docs and Spreadsheets in the Classroom (PDF)
Custom document that multiple users can collaborate on (color-coded)
Free online meeting/whiteboard space
A virtual room for chatting (backchannel)
Hojoki - a tool that turns all your cloud apps into an RSS feed
7 online sticky notes for students and teachers

Internet Safety

Welcome to the Web for young students
Internet Safety from Garfield the Cat
Educating girls about the web (from the Girl Scouts)
PBS young kids safety, Webonauts
MTV, A Thin Line, high school safety
Help tweens understand online safety and data management
Google safety tools for parents
Google Site: Mr. T
Internet Safety Five-Page Presentation
Scan URL's to determine whether they are safe
Internet safety hangman game

YouTube and Alternatives

Great alternatives to YouTube
Clip a section of a video from YouTube then embed in your website or show in class
The easy, secure way to organize and share YouTube videos
Watch youtube without the ads and surrounding "noise"
Download youtube videos to play at school
Youtube video downloader
Youtube video downloader

Educational Games

Design your own Jeopardy game or browse already made templates
Classroom review games (Jeopardy, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, etc...)

Text Your Class

A free way to text message students and parents
Text messaging tool that allows students to sign-up to be notified (free and pricing plans)
7 services for sending text messages to students and parents

Quizzes & Student Response Systems
Free online quiz tool
Free quiz & game tool with instant feedback
9 online survey tools
Very quick, simple poll tool
Using Google Forms to create a survey
Build a quiz. Audience answers via texting.
How to create self-graded quizzes in Google Forms
Using Google Docs (Forms) and an iPod Touch to collect and analyze data
6 Free Ways to Capture Student Responses Without Costly Clickers

Time Management Tools

Set 3 timers at once - good for jeopardy & other timed games
Online stopwatch - count up or down
Free online gradebook for teachers


Study flashcards or create your own - learn using multiple choice, matching, and other games
Free & easy to use flashcard tools (create flashcards with formulas, pictures, text)
Create and study flashcards online
Create flashcards and study via multiple methods (flashcard, multiple choice, matching)
Find or create flashcards
Study and create flashcards
Flashcards pop up occasionally (learn Spanish, vocabulary, etc.)

Social Media Tools

7 Tools to Build Social Networks
Video explaining the importance of social media
Free tool to create your own social network

Class Icebreakers

Icebreakers categorized by group size and activity

Project Management

Online task and project management tool
Free student planner tool
Online to-do list and task management
Helps students organize their classes and classwork
A to-do list tool
Student organization tool
Web application for note-taking
Organize your school life
Live binders is a virtual binder to include any web content
School notes & assignments, homework and class info
Communicate with parents (calendars, to do lists)
Virtual bookshelf, login in and rate books, find similar books
Group project management tool (requires registration)
Group project tool - list serv, virtual meetings, to-do lists, calendars, shared folder, messaging & more
Free online meetings, webinars & conferencing software
Create flow charts, diagrams & more (real time collaboration feature)