Language Arts

Vocabulary Development

Visual dictionary and wordle combined (input text to get a visual output)
A visually appealing way to learn word relationships
Online graphical dictionary and thesaurus
A vocabulary enrichment tool
Learn English by reading articles that match your interests
Learn basic Spanish, Portuguese, & Czech words
Kid-friendly games and activities to learn world languages
Fun vocab quiz game (name the word by definition)
Visual language flashcards and learning tools
Interactive language learning games for over 30 languages
Test your word knowledge, build your vocabulary through fun games and challenges
Learn 38 languages with flashcards and games
Unabridged dictionary, highlighted news, and encyclopedia
Popular online dictionary

Conversational Language Development

Definitions of over 5,000 English idioms
Pronunciation Guide: All the words in the world pronounced by native speakers
Learn Spanish by watching short videos (English translation of transcript provided)
Speak Like a Spaniard - conversational phrases and vocabulary
Learn Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian, German, Chinese, & English with this well-designed language website
ESL Lab full of audio files to listen and learn English
Using Google Voice for language learning
Google Voice in World Language classroom


A collection of free audio books
Free language lessons (websites, games, tools) categorized by language
Tons of language arts powerpoints and activities for kids
A variety of online English language learning websites and tools