Generic Tools

Math in the Movies! (movie clips and descriptions of the math in the clips)
Infographics blog - helps students visualize and interpret data
Online diagram and flowchart software
Math games, worksheets, quizzes, videos, etc... based on grade level
Online calculator that you can embed into your class website
Numbers, algebra, data, measures, & shapes - activities, videos, and tests
Math calculators - basic, scientific, square root, quadratic equations
Online scientific calculator and math help
Scholastic Study Jams - animated math videos, karaoke sing-alongs, and interactive tests
Videos of curricular games, puzzles, and mini-competitions
Computing Technology for Math Excellence is devoted to the standards movement and integrating technology into teaching and learning and in K-12 mathematics and calculus. Find software and sites for basic skills, problem solving, homework assistance, games/simulations, virtual manipulatives, project-based learning.
Math quizzes adjustable by number of questions, difficulty, and feedback
Math in the News - powerpoints, lesson plans and activities using math in current news problems
Math Drills: geometry, algebra, coordinate planes, ratios, & more
A selection of math tricks & brain exercises
Math challenges with videos and solutions
Math rap videos (PEMDAS, Pi Don't Make me Cry, Integers, Yessur)
Interactive math tutorials that supplement math textbooks
Math quizzes/activities for 6-7 graders (fractions, operations, ordered pairs) by Mr. Anker
Free online math games with ratings (ratios, statistics, expressions, geometry)
A free math website that creates individualized lesson plans for students.
Web 2.0 tools for math educators
National library of virtual manipulatives
Free math activities and games for middle school students
Math lessons/games - number theory, fractions, geometry, algebra, percents, probability, integers
Free online math instruction and games (only free during the school year)
A collection of online resources for various math Common Core standards
A fun collection of challenging math problems for students
A database of math problems categorized by common core standards
6-8 grade math lessons and math problems with videos and images
Real life examples of math problems

6th Grade

-Ratio Stadium arcade game with ratio problems
-Math TV: Solve ratio word problems (interactive)
-All About Ratios lesson & quiz
Unit rates
-Unit Price game
-Interactive Unit Rates tutorial with games/quizzes
-Order of Operations Video Tutorials
-Order of Operations interactive tutorial
Rational numbers
-Rational Numbers on a Number Line tutorial
-Comparing Rational Numbers Jeopardy game
-Algebraic expressions millionaire game
-Evaluating expressions interactive tutorial
Algebraic approach to problems
-Algebra activities and quizzes
-Math TV: Solve algebra word problems
-Pre-algebra videos and graphics
Properties of area, surface area, and volume
-Surface Area rap
-Fill & Pour - volume problem-solving
-How High? volume problem-solving
-Volume problem solving game
-Area & Volume formulas & quiz
Summarizing and describing distributions
US & World population data (download, view, visualize)

7th Grade

Analyzing proportional relationships
-Dirt-Bike Proportions arcade game
-Ratio & Proportions interactive tutorial
-Ratio & Proportions tutorials, quiz, worksheets, and games
Math TV: Solve fraction word problems (interactive)
Rational numbers
-7th Grade Numbers & Operations Jeopardy
-Rational or Irrational? Flashcard game
Real numbers
-Real Numbers tutorial
-Number theory drill & practice
-Algebraic expressions millionaire game-Evaluating expressions interactive tutorial
Algebraic approach to problems
-Math TV: Solve algebra word problems
-7th Grade Algebra Jeopardy game
Congruence and similarity
-Congruent triangles Thinkquest
-Similar polygons Thinkquest
-Congruent & Similar Shapes interactive tutorial
-Angles & Angle Terms tutorial
-How to Label Angles videos
-Measuring & Classifying Angles jeopardy game
-Interactive angle quiz
Situations involving randomness
-Interactive marbles tool
Comparative inferences
about two populations
-US & World population data (download, view, visualize)
-Environmental data sets
Practice with data (word problems)

8th Grade

Real numbers
-Compare & Order Numbers tutorial & activities
-Number theory drill & practice
Slopes of line in the coordinate plane
-Slope-intercept equation basketball game
-Slope & y-intercept tutorial
Linear equations and systems
Instructional videos about linear equations and systems
Function concepts
Rational functions video tutorials
Congruence and similarity
-Congruent triangles Thinkquest
-Similar polygons Thinkquest
-Congruent & Similar Shapes interactive tutorial
The Pythagorean Theorem
-Pythagoras' Theorem activities, videos, and tests
-Tree of Mystery Pythagorean Theorem challenge
Plane and solid geometry
Geometric shapes activities, videos, and tests
Patterns of association in bivariate data
Environmental data sets
More 8th grade math resources