Generic Tools

Interactive diagrams (earth & space, biology, physics)
Create talking photos - great for observations, reflecting on field trips, and more
A collection of educational videos
An amazing collection of science experiments, games, challenges, activities, and more
187 Years of Popular Science Magazine (searchable archive)
Grades 7-9 Science Resources
Hundreds of science lessons, activities, and games
Science Online - resources, lessons, and activities for K-8 students
Shared photography website: real-world science
A collection of entertaining science videos for middle-school students
The Science of Everyday Life - a fun, interactive website for exploration and innovation
Scholastic Study Jams - animated science videos & karaoke sing-alongs
New York Science Teachers site - science curriculum, games, materials, and more
Science Education Resources
A long list of online resources for science educators
50 interactive games and tutorials (tide pools, parks, etc...)
91 simple science videos - water cycle, plants, health, stars, rocks, matter and more
National Institutes of Health middle school science resources and lesson plans
A website full of resources for middle school science teachers
Resources, graphic organizers, slideshows, and lesson plans for middle school science teachers
Web 2.0 tools for science educators
Science worksheets and resources aligned to Texas educational standards

6th Grade

Scientific Thinking & Inquiry
The Real Process of Science (scientific inquiry)
Science and Technology
NASA's Science & Technology website
The Solar System recommended.jpg
-Amazing 3D interactive view of the solar system
-Extreme Planet Makeover
-Explore the solar system with NASA
-Animated solar system visualizer
-Calculate your age on other planets
-Solar system games and learning activities
-50 Years at NASA: history animation
-NASA Station Spacewalk Game
-Interactive scale of the universe
-How Big is Space interactive visual
Heat (Thermal Energy)
-Energy lessons and activities
-eBook about Energy
Weather and Climate
-Atmospheric cycles lessons and activities
The Rock Cycle
-Rocks - videos, tutorials, and tests
-The Rock Cycle lessons/activities
Plate Tectonics
-Plate Tectonic lessons, activities, and games
Earth and Life History
-Earth science games and learning activities
-Interactive worldwide database of plants & resources

7th Grade

Scientific Thinking & Inquiry
The Science of Cooking
Science and Technology

Biological Classification
Living Things - lessons and activities
Cell Biology
-Cell biology resources and activities
-Cells Are Us - 5 learning modules about cell biology
CSI style forensics game for middle school students
Biological Evolution
Biology resources and activities
The Human Body
Diet, disease, cells, nutrition & more - videos, tutorials & tests
-Anatomy games (skeletal, muscular, circulatory, respiratory...)
-Animated videos & karaoke (photosynthesis, plant cells, etc...)

8th Grade

Scientific Thinking & Inquiry
The Science of Cooking
Structure of Matter
-Matter videos, tutorials, and tests
-Matter lessons, games, and activities
Reactions lessons & activities
Density and Buoyancy

Conservation of Energy
Gravity & inertia game
Electricity and Magnetism
-Energy, electricity, and forces videos, tutorials, and tests
-Electricity & magnetism lessons and activities
-Forces video, tutorial, and test
-Forces and motion activities and lessons
Waves lessons & activities