Generic Tools

Neo K12 recommended.jpg
Biology, Physics, & Earth and Space videos & interactive quizzes
Create talking photos - great for observations, reflecting on field trips, and more
Snag Films
A collection of educational videos
Sumanas Inc
Professional scientific animations with quizzes
Understanding Science (Berkeley)
Understanding Science website for teachers and students
Popular Science Magazine
187 Years of Popular Science Magazine (searchable archive)
Hundreds of science lessons, activities, and games
Science of Everyday Life
A fun website for exploration and innovation
A collaborative learning space for Science
Khan Academy recommended.jpg
Science videos: biology, physics, chemistry, organic chemistry and astronomy
New York Science
New York Science Teachers site - science curriculum, games, materials, and more
Body Inc, SB
Human body system resources - endocrine, lymphatic, muscular, circulatory, etc...
Science Education Resources
A long list of online resources for science educators
Newton's Scientific Papers
A collection of scientific papers written by Sir Isaac Newton
125 Science Videos
125 great science videos: From Astronomy to Physics & Psychology
Real science worldwide group projects
MIT Blossoms
MIT science videos for high school students
Blue World TV
Underwater webisodes of various marine animals
Rhyme 'N Learn
Science rap songs (Bonezone, Can you say DNA?, Flotosynthesis)
Spangler Science
Fun science experiments videos and scientific explanations
Breaking science news from the National Science Foundation
Guide 2 Digital Learning
Web 2.0 tools for science educators
Science Prof Online
Science website with a virtual science professor (cell & microbiology)
Learners TV
Hundreds of science animations (biology, physics, chemistry)
Discovery Education Science Textbook
Interactive digital textbook - animations, videos, activities
Virtual Labs
Virtual training about basic laboratory techniques
National Center for Case Study
Teaching in Science
A collection of case studies to improve students' in-depth understanding of science
26 Great Sites for Physics Teachers
Physics animations, videos, physics of angry birds & archery, & more
10 Websites for Science Teachers
Nobel Prize
Information about the Nobel Prize winners
Interactive science simulations


The Mammalian Body
-Compare human and animal skeletons in depth
-University of Kentucky Medical Animation Library
-Disease, diet, nutrition, reproduction activities and quizzes
-Anatomy games (circulatory, respiratory, skeletal, muscular, endocrine...)
-Interactive, visual anatomy quiz (label the parts - mandible, ribs, ulna....)
-Virtual eye dissection tool
-Health science/body wiki
Scientific Investigation
and Inquiry
-The Real Process of Science (scientific inquiry)
-Extreme Biology Blog (created by a teacher to engage students)
Molecular Biology
-Molecular biology animations, tutorials, and quizzes
-Molecular biology problem sets and quizzes
-Downloadable simulations - proteins, diffusion, chemical bonds, and more
Cell Biology
-Biology animations (meiosis, mitosis, cell respiration, & more)
-Virtual cell animations
-Cells to systems activities, videos, and quizzes
-Cell biology problem sets (tutorials & quizzes)
-Explore cell biology - articles, tools, and more
-Visual, interactive cell quiz (label the parts - capsule, cell wall, plasma...)
-Online science professor with power points, practice tests, review sheets, and more
Genetics recommended.jpg
-University of Utah's Learn Genetics Website - protein synthesis, heredity, transcription, gene therapy
-DNA - the secret of life, playing god, human race, curing cancer & more
-PART 2: Information and Heredity animated tutorials
-Genetics problem sets (tutorials & quizzes)
-Explore genetics and selective breeding with this online game
-Essentials of genetics
-Tutorial: DNA, RNA, Transcription, Translation
-"From DNA to Proteins" game (transcription/translation)
-Animations: transcription, translation, mRNA splicing, etc...
-Animations: mitosis, meiosis, protein synthesis, peptide bond formation
-Protein Synthesis animation with text
-Protein Synthesis step-by-step animation
-Gene splicing videos
-Protein folding game - players can help make scientific discoveries
-Crowdsourcing game about designing RNA
Biological Evolution
-Natural Selection video, tutorial, and quiz
-Assessing the Cost of Adaptations video and quiz
-"Evolution of the Three Domains" animated tutorial
-Activities/videos about Darwin, change, extinction, survival, humans
-Simple evolution tutorial: natural selection, adaptation, mutation
-Lessons and activities for teaching evolution
Plant Biology
-Interactive diagrams (photosynthesis, plants, flowers)
-Plant biology animations, tutorials, and quizzes
-Plant biology games and learning activities
-Worldwide database of plant data - resources, reports, results
-Flora caching (like geocaching for plants) mobile app
-EcoEd Digital Library - webinars, case studies, journal articles
-Animated video about biology of coral reefs
-PART 8: Ecology animated tutorials & quizzes
-Aquatic and terrestrial biomes podcasts, videos, lessons
Other: recommended.jpg
-A collection of interactive activities and flashcards
-Biology vocabulary quizzes
-Interactive web of biology concepts
-Online biology course with videos/tutorials
-The Encyclopedia of Life (a database of all species)
-Interactive biology simulations
-A collaborative learning space for Science
-Biology videos: DNA, natural selection, mitosis, bacteria/viruses, oxidation
-A resource site for biology and science teachers

-Biology animations (DNA replication, glycolysis, cellular transport, protein folding)
-Games, virtual labs, and lessons for Biology


Scientific Investigation
and Inquiry
-Chemistry animations, tutorials, and quizzes
-Chemistry related to everyday life
-The Real Process of Science (scientific inquiry)
Properties of Matter
-Chemical and material behavior activities, videos & tests
-Interactive animated tutorial about Matter
Acids and Bases
-Chemistry 1101: Introduction to Acids, Bases, &Salts
-Acids & Bases activity, video, and test
-Acids & Bases problem set (tutorial & quiz)
-Animated pH scale
The Atom
-Online Chemistry Encyclopedia: The Atom
-Chemistry 302: The Structure of the Atom
-3D models of molecules
-The Atom tutorial, problems, and quizzes
Nuclear Processes
-Chemistry 1501: Nuclear Science Part I
-Chemistry 1502: Nuclear Science Part II
Chemical Bonds
-Chemical bond formation tutorial, animation, and quiz
-Chemical bonds and attractive forces tutorial and quiz
-Chemistry 502: Introduction to Bonding
Conservation of Matter
-3 States of Matter simple animation
Gases and Their Properties
-Solving the Ideal Gas Equation interactive game
Chemical Equilibrium
-Balancing equations game with different skill levels
-Simple balancing equations game
-Chemistry 604: Word Equations and Balancing
-Chemistry 1001: Solutions: A Special Type of Mixture
-How Ionic Compounds dissolve animated tutorial
-Solutions online tutorial & quizzes
Chemical Thermodynamics
-Chemistry 1301: Thermochemistry
Periodic Table of Elements
-An interactive Periodic Table of Elements with videos
-Chemical education digital library
-The Comic Book Periodic Table of Elements
-Chemical elements & Periodic Table games/activities
-Interactive, visual periodic table elements quiz
-QR Coded Interactive Periodic Table of Elements
-Real images of elements in Periodic Table of Elements
-Chemistry 101 - text tutorials & quizzes
-A variety of online Chemistry quizzes
-Chemistry animations
-AP Chemistry Review quizzes & problem sets
-Chemistry problem sets
-Interactive web of chemistry concepts
-Interactive chemistry simulations
-Chem videos: ideal gas equations, pH, bonds, periodic table
-Organic Chemistry rap video
-AP Chemistry rap video
-Chemical Safety Music Videos (HAZCOM, WHMIS)
-Chemistry animations (acidity, gases, Hookes law, IR spectroscopy)


Scientific Investigation
and Inquiry
The Real Process of Science (scientific inquiry)
Motion and Forces
-The science of football - Newton's 3 Laws of Motion & torque
-Forces activities, videos, and quizzes
-Motion & forces animations and film clips
-Interactive motion simulations
Conservation of Energy
and Momentum
-Gravity & Inertia game
-Energy activities, videos, and quizzes
-Physics animations and film clips
Mechanics of Fluids
-Interactive web of physics fluids concepts
Heat and Thermodynamics
-Interactive physics diagrams
-Interactive web of heat & thermodynamics concepts
-Thermal physics animations and film clips
-Interactive heat and thermodynamics simulations
-Waves and Sound with animations and film clips
-Waves: An Interactive Tutorial
-Waves & Vibration tutorials and animations
-Interactive sound & waves simulations
-Electricity and magnetism animations and film clips
-Electricity activities, videos, and quizzes
-Interactive web of electricity and magnetism concepts
-Interactive build a circuit game
Nuclear Processes
-Nuclear physics concepts (interactive website)
-Physics vocabulary quizzes
-Physics problem sets and tutorials
-The Physics Classroom Multimedia Physics Studio
-Online Physics course with interactive tutorials
-Interactive science simulations
-Wiki Book: Physics Study Guide
-Wiki Book: HS Physics Study Guide
-Explore physics through real world applications
-Physics videos: motion, newton's 3 laws, mass, force, tension
-Design, test, and launch a parachute onto Mars
-Physics animations (projectile motion, motion, forces, magnetic fields)

Environmental Science

Scientific Investigation
and Inquiry
-Ecology animations, tutorials, and quizzes
-The Real Process of Science (scientific inquiry)
-Field Book Project for research and data collection
Environmental Systems
-Games: Reintroduce a species, help baby turtles survive...
-Environmental animations, tutorials, & quizzes
-Global carbon cycle animated tutorial & quiz
-Global nitrogen cycle animated tutorial & quiz
Aquatic and terrestrial biomes podcasts, videos, lessons
-A party for 7 billion people (video)
-World Meters (up-to-date human population information)
-Breathing Earth: CO2, birth & death rates by country in real-time
-YouTube Video (2 min): 7 billion, how did we get so big so fast?
Natural Resources
-Videos & history of America's National Parks
-Worldwide database of plant data
-Connect your students with scientists to learn about plants
Watersheds and Wetlands

Maps: population, landscape and climate estimates
Energy in the Earth System
-Tools, games and facts about clean energy (hydro energy)
-A carbon & energy search & calculation tool
Environmental Quality
-Learn how to harness the power of wind
Human Impact on the Environment
-The Story of Stuff, Bottled Water, Cap & Trade videos
-Interactive guides, research, videos and more
-World Meters
-Interactive climate change Q & A website
-Interactive Map of Environmental Changes
Eco-Friendly Design
-Explore an eco-friendly home of the future
-Solar car racing engineering website
-Online Environmental Science course (videos/tutorials)
-Saving the Planet: One Yard at a Time
-IBM Game that challenges students to save the world
-Teach Me How to Fish sustainability game
-A must-see video that explains CO2's impact on heat
-Insert ingredients from a recipe and see their country of origin

Earth & Space

Scientific Investigation
and Inquiry✓&spatial
-The Real Process of Science (scientific inquiry)
-Earth Science data to analyze
The Universe
-Flash Timeline of the Big Bang Theory
-Interactive scale of the universe (zoom in/out to view)
The Solar System
-Amazing 3D interactive view of the solar system
-Solar System simulation and adventure games
-Extreme Planet Makeover
-Solar system animations, tutorials, & quizzes
-Explore the solar system with NASA
-Calculate your age on other planets
-Solar system science games
The Earth System
-Interactive Earth & Space diagrams
-Infographic: Tallest Mountain to Deepest Ocean Trench
-Earth science games and learning activities
-The Ocean Conveyer Belt animated tutorial
The Hydrologic Cycle
Global Hydrologic Cycle animated tutorial and quiz
The Rock Cycle
-Activities, videos, and quizzes about rocks
-Visualizations of the Rock Cycle
Plate Tectonics
The Evolution of the Continents animation & test
-Earth & Space vocabulary quizzes
-Interactive Earth Science simulations
-Astrology videos: red shift, big bang, birth of stars, etc...
-A collection of Earth Science activities for students


Google Earth
Google Maps
Tours From Above - famous landmarks
Google Earth Guide
Atlas puzzles from National Geographic
Explore National Geographic's geophysical maps of each continent
Scribble, draw, write, add text/images to Google Maps and save your own
Tour the world with 360 views and webcams of famous sites/places
Create and view animated Google Maps
Interactive, visual world geography quizzes
Create and play interactive geography quizzes
44 geography websites for students recommended.jpg
A collection of materials and lessons for teaching geography
21 Map Creation Tools for Teachers and Students (blog post)