Table of Contents

Generic Tools

Scholastic Study Jams - animated science videos, karaoke sing-alongs, and interactive tests
An assortment of science games sorted by grade level
An amazing collection of science experiments, games, activities, & challenges
Tons of free science powerpoints and interactive activities for kids
Science online - interactive activities and lesson plans categorized by subject and grade level
Real-world science through shared photography website (photo challenges & more)
Science games - life processes, physical processes, materials, water, earth & space
Lesson plans for teachers with pets in the classroom
Share and download science lesson plans
New York Science Teachers site - science curriculum, games, materials, etc...
Science Education Resources
A long list of online resources for science educators
91 simple science videos - water cycle, plants, health, stars, rocks, matter and more
National Institute of Health elementary science resources
Graphic organizers, lessons, and resources for elementary science teachers
Web 2.0 tools for science educators
National Wildlife Foundation's kids page with activities, animations, and games
Science worksheets and resources aligned to Texas educational standards

Tools By Standard

Scientific Thinking & Inquiry
A kid-friendly scientific investigation website with games
Earth Science
BBC Rocks Weathering
http://cyoadiggerdynamoadventures (code: totemo02) recommended.jpg
-Earth Story Books, lesson plans, activities
-Interactive, kid-friendly website about the seasons
-Earth science resources, activities, and lessons
-Rocks and weathering interactive animation for kids
-50 interactive games and tutorials (tide pools, parks, etc...)
-Earth Sciences choose your own adventure website
-Games - moons, seasons, tar, around the earth, & more
-Interactive scale of the universe (zoom in/out)
Physical Science
-Forces of nature animation game
-Forces and motion resources for kids
-Science games - energy, genetics, and more
Life Science
-Tutorial/game for learning about animal, plant, & bacterial cells
-Kid-friendly animal classification website
-Life cycle movie, game, & tutorial
-Dinosaur fossils, movies, and games
-Piece together the human body with this fun game
-Biological change resources for kids
Environmental Science
-Saving the Planet One Yard at a Time
-Videos to help kids think about all of the "stuff" in their lives
-Environmental science lessons, games, and videos for kids
-Worldwide database of plant data & kid-friendly resources
-National Wildlife Foundation's wildlife library
-Nature Explorers simple animation site for kids
-Fun, animated game about recycling
-Webisodes of the ocean (i.e., "The Blue Shark Adventure")