Benefits of Skype
  • Skype.pngIt's Free!
  • Connect with people around the world
  • It's a user-friendly program

How to Use Skype in the Classroom

Setting up Skype
  • Necessary Hardware: Microphone, Speakers, & Webcam
  • Download the Skype software (Newest Version: 5.1 for Windows, 5.0 for Macs, Linux 2.1)
  • Install the software on your computer after the download is complete
  • Create an account (with a username and password)
  • Add your contacts (search for people by their names/phone numbers)
  • Need more help? Check out the step-by-step user guides for skype

Alternatives to Skype:
  • Use Google Talk to video conference. Requires a software plug-in (easy) or a download of Google Talk.

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