Generic Tools

Learn history with popular music (YouTube videos)
Hundreds of free educational history activities and documents
View photos of cities throughout history using Google Maps
A template for creating a historical figure's facebook profile
A collection of educational videos
10 websites that teach kids money management skills
Read Like a Historian - Teacher curriculum & lesson plan website
History Buff - newspapers, quizzes, primary source material, and more
Podcasts - history told by those who experienced it
U.S. Studies for kids (a variety of games, lessons, and activities)
Mr. Anker's social studies learning activities for 5-7th graders

Tools By Standard

Chronology and Historical Interpretation
Create a movie/poster with the National Archives
Geographic Skills
-Atlas puzzles from National Geographic
-Animated historical maps
-Create and view animated Google maps
-Create and play interactive geography quizzes
-44 geography websites for students
-Interactive map of the world with individual country data
Early Humankind and the Development
of Human Societies
-World history book & games for kids
-PowerPoints for Early Man
-Early Humans for Kids
Ancient and Classical Civilizations to
700 C.E.
McGraw Videos
Kids Past
Glencoe Videos
-McGraw Videos on early civilizations
-Rise of Civilizations (
-Ancient Civilizations (Lots of countries!)
-Mesopotamia, Kush Videos
-Label the Symbols of Ancient Egypt
-Rivers, the Nile (Under repair)
-Interactive Egypt
Ancient Wonders of the World
-Powerpoints for the seven wonders of the world
-Videos of the seven wonders of the world
-The Real Eighth Wonders of the World webquest
-7 Wonders of the Ancient World website with images
-7 Wonders of the World lesson plan and resources links
Our Colonial Heritage (1600-1720)
-60 websites on Colonial America (1607-1776)
-Jamestown animated interactive adventure game
-Official Jamestown Settlement & Yorktown Victory website
-Colonial Kids ThinkQuest
-Colonial America links and resources
-Passport to Colonial Times webquest
A New Nation (1720-1787)
-Label the American Revolution Timeline
-National Archives Official Declaration of Independence website
-America's Story: Revolutionary Period (1764-1789)
-Interactive virtual history game (Crown or Colony)
The Constitution of the United States
-National Archives Official US Constitution website
-Celebrate the Constitution game (drag & drop the text)
Launching the New Nation (1789-1849)
The New Nation - timeline, articles, images
The Divergent and Unifying Paths of the
American People (1800-1850)
Map of population based on surnames (immigration patterns)
Civil War and Reconstruction (1830-1877)
-46 Sites and Lessons about the Civil War
-NY Times Civil War blog
-Label the American Civil War Timeline
-3D Civil War photographs
-3D Civil War - redesigning battles/places using Google
-America's Story: Reconstruction (1866-1877)
The Rise of Industrial America (1877-1914)
-Industrial America activities and documents
-The Gilded Age - stories, images, and articles
-The Progressive Era (1890-1913) - interactive timeline
Economics & Personal Finance
Economics and personal finance interactive tools for students
Google News Timeline (Current US news)