Generic Tools

History Animated
History for Music Lovers (YouTube Channel)
Learn history with popular music (YouTube videos)
Hundreds of free, educational history activities and documents
View photos of cities throughout history using Google Maps
Animated history maps
A collection of educational videos
US & World data (visualize, export, download)
Read like a Historian - Teacher curriculum and lesson plans
Witness Podcasts - History told by the people who experienced it
High School history hub of academic resources, lesson plans & activities
Thought provoking journalism online and on air (films/lessons)
Create and run your own nation online simulation

U.S. History

United States to the 1800s
-Label the American Revolution Timeline
-NY Times Civil War blog
-Label the Civil War Timeline
-3D Civil War photographs
-Virtual history games ("Crown or Colony" & "Flight to Freedom")
The Rise of Industrial America (1877-1914)
Industrial America activities & documents
The Progressive Era (1890-1920)
-Activities and documents from the National Archive
-Animated WWI maps
The 1920s and 1930s
-Digital History: The 1920's - learning activities, tools, resources
-American economy in the 1920's website
-1920's encyclopedia site with links
-A Dance Party in the 1920's video
-American Cultural History 1930-1939
-Unemployment in the 1930's video
-19th Century Documents
The Great Depression (1929-1939)
Great Depression activities & documents
World War II (1939-1947)
-Label the Key Events of World War II
-World War II animated maps
-Atlas of World War II
-360 degree view of Hiroshima after the atomic bomb was dropped
Cold War America to the New Millennium
(1947 - 2001)
-Label the Civil Rights Movement Timeline
-Create a movie/poster with docs from the National Archives
Contemporary America
-Google News Timeline
-Daily news provided at different reading levels
-National Archives: Today in History
-Explore Thomas Jefferson's plantation & life
-Map of population based on surnames
-American Demographic History Chartbook 1790-2000
-First-person account videos and lesson plans for 6 American wars
-"Who Am I?" American history mystery game
-Students can "live" chat with famous historical figures
-Watch history unfold in real-time through twitter reinactments
-6 Cool Interactive Sites to Learn More About American History

World History

Middle Ages

Early Modern Times to 1650

Age of Revolutions to 1914
-Label the French Revolution Timeline
-Animated historical world maps
-Building the Panama Canal - interactive map
The Great Wars to 1945
-Label the European Map during World War I
-Label the Key Events of World War II
-Atlas of World War II
The Cold War to Present
-Interactive map of all of the North Korea & South Korea incidents
-View 100 photos from news sources around the world every hour
-Interactive guides of global issues
-Human data in a World Map (download, view, visualize)
-Map of newspapers from around the world & searchable database
-History videos: French Revolution, Haitian Revolution, Napoleon, etc...
-Map of the Unrest in the Arab World


Economic Terms
-Economics & personal finance interactive tools for students
-Interesting facts & infographics about the US dollar
-Planet Money: podcasts, videos, and activities about economics
-Finance videos: present value, bonds vs. stocks, compound interest, etc...
-Understanding taxes - tutorials, activities, simulations
-11 infographics and videos for teaching economics
Market Economy
-Investing in Plain English (video)
-Borrowing Money in Plain English (video)
-Stock market matrix infographic
-Top 25 financial infographics of 2010
-World Meters (up-to-date economics numbers)
U.S. Labor Market
US Bureau of Labor Statistics
International Trade
-An interactive map that changes size based on global exports/imports
-Trading Around the World interactive game about international trading
-Visual Economics - infographics, data, and more
-Up-to-Date US Debt Clocks
-NY Times' Online Resources about the Debt Crisis & Credit Downgrade
-Interactive game - Can You Survive for 1 Month with Minimum Wage?

U.S. Government

Civics recommended.jpg
-Daily 60-second civics podcast
-Lesson plans and games for learning about civics
Branches of Government
-Videos & view e-learning modules about how the U.S. government works
-PBS Interactive: Supreme Court timeline, games, and more
-Up-to-date information about what's going on in Congress
-US Presidents on Google Earth
-Government games for students
Elections and the Political Process
-Election tools for teachers (maps, trends, etc..)
-Road to the Capital interactive election game for students
-Electing a U.S. President in Plain English (video)
Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens
-Ben's Guide to the Government: Citizenship
-Political Rights for Everyone Living in the United States
-National Archives: Charters of Freedom
Federal Government and the Economy

Comparative Government
-Blog: Teaching Comparative Government and Politics
-Introduction to Comparative Government and Politics website
-PBS list of comparative government resources


Google Earth
Google Maps
Tours From Above - famous landmarks
Google Earth Guide
Atlas puzzles from National Geographic
Explore National Geographic's geophysical maps of each continent
Scribble, draw, write, add text/images to Google Maps and save your own
Tour the world with 360 views and webcams of famous sites/places
Create and view animated Google Maps
Interactive, visual world geography quizzes
Create and play interactive geography quizzes
44 geography websites for students
A collection of materials and lessons for teaching geography
Historical photos added to current day Google Maps
21 Map Creation Tools for Teachers and Students
Interactive world map with data about each country