Generic Tools

World history book & games for kids
Online game where students travel the world and meet historical figures and solve the mystery
Learn history with popular music (YouTube videos)
Tons of free social studies powerpoints and activities for kids
Podcasts - history told by those who experienced it
A powerpoint highlighting the in-depth 3rd-5th grade standards & online activities/resources
BizWorld - a downloadable tool to teach students about running a business
Encyclopedia, almanac, and kid-friendly news

Tools By Standard

-Interactive "build the earth" puzzle game
-Geography games for kids
-Mapping exports game
-National Geographic map machine
-Mission Explore: kids explore their surrounding community
-44 geography websites for students
Civic Values
-PBS resources for teachers (civics - community & citizenship)
Personal and Family Economics
-10 interactive websites that teach kids money management skills
-Economics & personal finance interactive tools for K-5 students
Chronology and Cause and
-All about the Mayflower, pilgrims, and indians - interactive website
-History timelines
Historical Research, Evidence,
and Point of View
-Smithsonian Historical Encyclopedia
-Historical Figures interactive website (celebrity hangman, videos)
-K-5 Social Studies articles, games, lessons & more
-The Democracy Project interactive website - voting, mapping, etc...
-US Citizenship Quiz
-County government interactive tutorial
-Virtual tours of the Capitol