As a teacher, you can inspire students to become global citizens. There are many ways to incorporate service learning and global citizenship into your lesson plans. Here are some technology tools and websites to help you get started in your efforts to change the world. Also, read, "Social Media a Cause: Learning Activity."

Students Can Make a Difference

Ryan's Well
Ryan was inspired to build wells in Uganda in first grade. Since then, Ryan’s Well has helped build over 720 wells and 910 latrines bringing safe water and improved sanitation to over 760,500 people.
At 9 years old, Milo organized a campaign to convince people to be straw free to reduce the amount of plastic wasted every year manufacturing straws. His campaign is now hosted by Eco Cycle.
20 under 20
The 20 Under 20 project recognizes students who have passion and take initiative to help others in the community.


Finding a Cause

Do Something
A site empowering teens to make a difference
Learn about the various causes people are contributing to around the world
Arlington Institute
List of the world's biggest problems
Real time world statistics (environment, food, water, energy, population, etc...)
Heifer International
Heifer's classroom resources give teachers the resources to educate their students about their world neighbors, hunger and poverty and sustainable development while inspiring students to help Heifer build a better world.
Make a Difference Day
Learn how your students can make a difference and support this day of community service.
An overview of the most pressing news issues of the day

Tech Resources


One Tweet Can Change the World
Bill Ferriter and his students have loaned over $6,000 to 146 entrepreneurs all over the world.
Lesson plans and class activities for using Kiva's microloan program
Mini lessons, rubrics, and a lending packet designed by a teacher who
uses Kiva to teach his students about various countries around the world.
Free e-course on microfinancing
Kiva in the Classroom
List of ideas for using Kiva in the classroom

Spreading Awareness Through Media*

25 Days to Make a Difference
In 4th grade, Laura blogged about her efforts to do simple things to change the world. The blog has become a popular site around the world.
PSA to end Bullying
Sweetwater students make public service announcement video to stop bullying
Creating PSA's and Commercials
List of websites for creating PSA's
PSA Projects
Examples of high school students' PSAs
*Visit the Build a Classroom Website page or Video/Photo Tools page to learn more about the free tech tools available for making digital media projects.


Olivia Bouler
At 11 years old, Olivia Bouler offered to sell her paintings to raise money for the Audubon Society's
efforts to clean up the Gulf Coast oil spill. She has raised over $200,000.
Butterfly Garden Buttons
Middle school students design and sell buttons to raise money for a butterfly garden.
Jewelry Sales
5th Grade Students sold jewelry to raise money to donate to the American Red Cross
Penny Wars
Raise money by collecting pennies
Fundraising Ideas
(Elementary School)
List of ideas for raising money at an elementary school
Kid Friendly Fundraising from A-Z
PowerPoint slideshow that highlights multiple ways to fundraise

Random Acts of Kindness

Birthday Money
Mary, a middle school student, uses birthday money to create kindness counts charity
Positive Tweets
Osseo high-schooler battles taunts with tweets
Random Acts of Kindness
Random Acts of Kindness classroom lesson plans and resources
Kids Activities
Resources and ideas for inspiring students to do random acts of kindness

Social Networks

(Crowdfunding, Spreading the Word)
Start petitions to support a cause and spread the word through social networking sites
Popular crowdfunding site
International crowdfunding platform

Share Your Story

How are you inspiring students to change the world? Share your story and it will be posted on this website for teachers to learn from.